Say yes again

Recently I have been asked a lot how is life as a married woman. I find myself usually giving the same answer... "it is so beautiful...but VERY SANCTIFYING!" Anytime we are in a new environment or enter into a new chapter of our lives we are pruned and challenged in different ways in order to grow in virtue and get closer to becoming the saints we are called to be. Everyday when I wake up, before I do anything I have to make a choice: "Do I choose to love my husband?" My YES did not end at the altar...it began there. My YES has to continue everyday. I'll admit, sometimes it is a lot easier to choose the opposite. To choose to be angry, to be passive, to push away. But it will never bring you joy...it will only bring you more hurt. Out of all the times that I decided to say YES again and choose to love my husband, I have never regretted a single moment. My dear wives...today when you wake up, choose to say 'yes' to loving your husband. Choose to say 'yes' to loving your family. Even when that is the last thing you feel like doing, always remember that love is not merely a feeling. Love is a CHOICE to will the good of the other. Choose to love. Walking Together, Sandra

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