Savor the flavors

Nothing against kale but sometimes we go too far with food trends. We get so lost in buying healthy, organic, free-range, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, fat-free that we become obsessed with "clean" eating. When we become stressed out and rigid around food we ironically make something that was supposed to be healthy, unhealthy. For some of us, like me, inflexible eating turns into an eating disorder that gradually leaves us feeling worse and worse, and, contrary to what we wanted, we end up feeling more and more out of control.

I'm not suggesting that we disregard any intentionality behind food choices, not at all. What I am emphasizing here is the spirit of these choices as the problem. In other words, our motivation. For instance, we may be struggling with accepting ourselves and think that we could finally love ourselves if our bodies looked different. Or perhaps we don't think about what we eat because we don't think that we matter. Whatever our motivation is currently, we can redirect it to a healthier place through how we treat ourselves on an everyday basis.

What we're aiming for is a continuous act of genuine self-care where we are loving and gentle towards ourselves. We seek to make choices that help our bodies and our minds stay nourished and energized.

It is this kind attitude, towards our bodies and towards what we feed ourselves, that we want to nurture. So buy yourself kale if you'd like, and focus on how you relate to this choice. It's worthwhile to take care of our relationship to food because we're going to be eating for the rest of our lives, so this relationship will be sticking around whether or not we want it to.

Allow yourself to enjoy what you eat today. Eat enough of it to savor the flavors and to respect your hunger. Do your best to be in tune with your body when it tells you that it doesn't want any more. If you don't hit that balanced mark this morning, try again at the next opportunity. Learn to love your body and love the process of taking care of it and don't give up!

You deserve to treat yourself (this includes your body) with love.

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