Save Someone's Life

Power of Prayer Story: Sometimes God gives us these incredible moments where He reminds us how powerful prayer is, and how He is always working! I wanted to share one with you today to start off the week! Last week I was pulled aside by a lady while we were praying with students in the church and she asked if I could pray for her daughter. She was still a young teenager, but left home and was homeless for sometime, and to make matters worse almost died a few months ago. In the back of my head I thought there might be some kind of addiction in the situation too given the circumstances. I prayed with her then and there and sent a group message to my team to offer up prayers for her! They got right on it! One week later, I saw her again and I went up to talk to her to re-assure her that we have been praying for her daughter, hoping it would bring her some peace that she is not alone. She looked at me and started crying. She said that her daughter ended up calling her the night before and said "Mom, can you please come get me", and said that she wanted seek proper help and get healing. I sat with her as we both cried tears of joy and praised God for bringing His daughter back home. My dear ladies, you never know who God will place on your path today. You never know how much your small moments of prayer can literally save someone's life. No matter how small our faith may seem, if we truly believe in the power of prayer...truly we CAN move mountains! Please keep this dear girl and her mother in your prayers today as she continues her journey of healing! Walking Together, Sandra

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