Sanctity is simple! But at the same time...it is not easy.

When the news came of the beatification of Bl. Carlos Acutis and how they found his body in-corrupt I wanted to read up a little more about who he was. What made his life so amazing and special that he became a saint?

The crazy, and yet beautiful, thing that I discovered is that his life was one of the most simple and ordinary that I have read. There was no supernatural powers that he had, or visions. Quite honestly he was like any regular kid. Went to school, played video games, hung out with friends. The big difference in the simplicity of his life was WHO he chose to live for.

Carlos loved praying the rosary, attending mass and going to adoration as often as he could. He wanted to do everything, even his regular daily tasks, to be done for the glory of God.

This is why his quote struck me. "All people are born as originals but many die as photocopies." Carlos didn't want to be the next photocopy, he wanted to become who God created him to be. He wanted to live out his originality and uniqueness through the gifts and talents God blessed him with.

That is the beauty of it all. Sanctity is simple! But at the same time...it is not easy. We all know that living a life for God means going to the cross, and that is never easy.

But I feel this simple example of a young boy's life can be a beacon of hope that Heaven is possible, and it doesn't have to be complicated.

Walking Together,

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