Saints Who Choose Us

Have you ever thought about your confirmation name? Or if you haven't been confirmed, have you ever thought about your own name? Have you thought about the patron saint of that name and why it was given to you? I once heard a priest tell me that it is the Saints who choose us, who choose to be important intercessors in our lives, and that it is not us that choose the Saints. Many of us probably have a favourite Saint, or a Saint that we are more drawn too. More than likely we would reason that we chose this Saint because of their life or because they helped us. But have you ever thought that maybe this particular Saint chose you? Think of your name now. Every person has a particular Patron Saint of their name. Every name also has a meaning to it as well. Recently, I was told to reflect on my confirmation name and I heard a really interesting perspective from Scripture. Notice how God changed certain names in the Bible. Abram was called Abraham, Jacob was called Israel, Simon was called Peter. The 'new name' they were given had a particular meaning with regards to their mission in the Church and in sharing God's word to others. When we choose our confirmation name, whether we know it or not, that particular name is meant to play a role in our mission now as taking responsibility for our faith and going forth to spread the Good News. For me, my confirmation name is Agnes. Her feast day just passed on January 21st and I was reading up on her and her story the next day. The first thing that struck me was her patronage: young women, chastity and rape victims. When I run retreats for my students I always struggled to understand why God would send me these young girls with such deep and dark struggles and past wounds. Reading St. Agnes' story started to bring a little more light to that. There is a reason why she chose me, and there is a reason why God lead me to take her name. I am only now beginning to discover that! My dear ladies, I invite you to take some time to discover more about your name, your patron. Allow them to shed light onto a certain mission or purpose, if you will, that you were chosen to do! You will always be amazed how much you will learn about yourself by simply learning about your name and your saint! I invite you to share any interesting facts or meanings of your names in the comments! We love hearing about your discoveries in how God calls you in a very special way with a particular purpose! Walking Together, Sandra

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