Revealed truth

The most common issues I have been noticing when it comes to the faith is misunderstanding and lack of information. So many times I have heard people reject the faith because of a misunderstood teaching or concept, or just because it doesn't fit into their comfortable narrative that they have created.

This is not meant to condemn anyone or throw people under the bus. NOT AT ALL! I have struggled more than enough times with wanting to reject certain aspects of the faith over others so I can very much relate to this. Being quite honest, my reasons for not wanting to agree with it were either because I didn't know the full truth behind it or because it didn't fit into my "comfortable lifestyle."

What I want to bring to your attention with this is, if there is a certain teaching or aspect of the faith that you want to reject have you taken the time to truly inform yourself about it? Have you considered the option that the way you see it may be a misunderstood version?

We are too quick to jump to impulsive decisions at times and we don't even consider what exactly we are rejecting. Everyone's journey in their faith is their own, and we all need to find it on our own time. But are we striving to understand the full truth or do we just blindly accept what we see and hear?

Ask those hard questions! And keep on asking them! But search for the revealed truth...not the popular or comfortable truth.

My dear sisters, you have the gift of free will and with that you are fully able to completely drop the faith, if you so choose. But before you consider that, I want to encourage you to know (fully and truly) WHO it is you will be leaving. Be informed with a valid and truthful understanding first...and then decide. You may find that your original understanding and reasons were a misunderstanding of the truth revealed to you.

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