Resurrection is coming

Over the past few months, I have gone through a lot of personal changes. I took my health pretty seriously, and was able to finally loose a substantial amount of weight. But it did come with a lot of scars from my past, that I realized are still weighing heavily on my heart.

Over the weekend, I talked with my mom about these painful moments that have left a lot of scars. Pains of being rejected by people for the way I looked and that I was a big girl. It was even an unconscious rejection by others. Never being asked to dance at a wedding, or even snide comments that I would heard.

My mom said something to me, and it put a lot of it into perspective for me. She said, "Christ was rejected too for who He was. People didn't like Him to the point of crucifixion." It made me understand that my pain of my past was my cross, and that it was my road towards crucifixion and forgiveness. But I was able to rise past it and now the past is just scars left from back then.

I wanted to share this with you today, because we all go through different pasts and there are moments in our lives that are painful. They can leave scars, but the amazing thing is through grace, we can rise and keep going.

If you are on your journey through the cross, remember you are never alone. This is not the end, your day of resurrection is coming.

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