If you have had to go through separation, annulment, and/or divorce, as the only option left, my heart goes out to you… it was never supposed to be this way. I can say with certainty that you dreamed of something completely different, and it must be terribly confusing and heartbreaking, to say the least, that things are the way they are. It probably doesn't help that you may feel shamed and harshly judged for the outcome of your situation. For all of this, I am sorry

I reached out to Marek Rudak (1), who spoke at a Catholic Conference earlier this year and shared his experience with annulment and divorce. He recommended Rose Sweet (2), a Catholic speaker, and author, who has written books such as Healing the Divorced Heart, Getting Along with Almost Anybody, How to Understand and Petition for Your Decree of Nullity, Catholic Woman’s Guide to ROMANCE, and How to be First in a Second Marriage. She has also created DVD series, been involved in various ministries since the 1980s, hosted retreats, received endorsements from Christopher West among others, and much more!

Hopefully, Rose Sweet can become someone who can offer you the expertise, and hope that you are looking for regardless of the place you are currently at. If you are considering any of the above-mentioned processes, consider giving her the chance to show you all of your options, even some that you may have missed. Check out her website for information on coaching, retreats, events, books, annulment, and her blog.

When asked if she can be contacted personally (3) she responded with a description of what she offers (private counseling, life coaching, private retreats) and concluded by saying "I'd love to help you out". So, sister, I am sorry for the pain you are holding, and everything that makes it deeper, and I hope beyond all hopes that you will allow yourself to be made new

With love,

(1) MAREK RUDAK: https://marekrudak.com/blog-roll1586901887765

(2) ROSE SWEET: https://rosesweet.com/

(3) CATHOLIC ANSWERS ft. ROSE SWEET: "Is it okay to separate?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dcs2COQ0gpo

PS - if this resource doesn't speak to you, continue seeking for other Catholic resources that can help heal your heart, and, hopefully, heal your marriage.

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