Remember your end goal. Remember your destination.

"If we don't live how we believe, then we will believe how we live."

Well Father, that is one way to end off the Christmas Season! - I thought to myself.

I love those moments during a homily when the priest will just say one simple line, but it hits you like a ton of rocks and sticks with you!

Many of us have probably heard the saying about how we can't just talk the talk but we also need to walk the walk. Our words need to be reflected by our actions or else they become a meaningless combination of letters put together.

We are just scraping the surface of this new year, many of us still probably processing the end of 2020. But how does your life look like? Has your faith changed the way you live? Has your faith changed the way you approach others and treat them? Does your day to day reflect that which you believe?

I started to understand that there is no such thing as just standing in one place. We are either moving forward or moving backward. Even if we stop moving and just stand we start moving back ward because everything else around us keeps moving. We either move forward with God, or we are moving backward with the world.

The world has been standing still, and therefore moving backward and away from God. If our faith does not become the mode by which we live in, we will begin to justify our life, mistakes and falls. Eventually this will become what we start believing in.

No one said it would be easy to live a life for God. Christ Himself said it would be difficult and that we would be persecuted for it (Luke21:13, John 15:20). But it's a life worth living!

Remember your end goal. Remember your destination. You are meant for HEAVEN! So walk forward!

Walking Together,

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