Relying on God

I had a really awesome live chat with a priest friend of mine yesterday on Spiritual Warfare and as we were talking about awesome Holy Saints that we can look to for intercession he reminded me how God uses the weakest in order to shame the strongest.

Now one can look at that statement and feel defensive or disturbed that we would ever consider these holy men and women as weak, but I want to propose a different perspective.

Let's be real, as human beings we have our weaknesses. We know that we are absolutely nothing without God, to the point that we would not be able to move our own little pinky finger without God being the one constantly giving us life and strength. My weakness doesn't belittle me, but rather it serves as an open door for IMMENSE STRENGTH!

When I allow God into that weakness, I give Him permission to work through me. If I am only relying on my own strength, well God doesn't have much to work with if I am always trying to take over.

I want us to bring our attention one last time to Our Mother, Mary. She is in fact the person on earth whom the devil fears and hates the most. Why? Because of her humility.

The devil was completely trampled by this "delicate woman" who allowed God into every aspect of her life. In the devil's eyes, she was simply a creature, something lower and weaker than him. He can't stand the fact that his head was trampled by someone like that.

Don't let moments of your weakness bring you down to the ground in fear. Allow that to be a portal for God to flow His strength through you and trample the devil!

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