Ready to Surrender

I first became interested in Marian consecration when learning about St. John Paul II’s devotion to Our Lady. Consecrating himself to Jesus through Mary, the motto of his pontificate became “Totus Tuus” which translates into “Totally Yours”. On his feast day today, I can't help but reflect on the influence he has had in my journey as a few years later I found myself at the altar, consecrating myself to Our Lady, too.

St. John Paul II accredited Our Lady for guiding the bullet that was to take his life on May 13, 1981 (on the feast of our Lady of Fatima). That bullet is now in the crown of the statue of our Lady in Fatima, Portugal as a reminder to us that the heavenly realm is very real and always watching over us.

So, why Marian consecration?

The act of consecration is an important act in our spiritual journeys and we know this as Jesus Himself entrusted His beloved disciple, John, to Mary while He was on the Cross (John 19:26-27). Christ doing this speaks volumes. Consecrating ourselves in this way is a powerful 'yes' to God and a great act of entrusting one’s body, soul, possessions, works, and entire life to the protection, guidance, and intercession to our Mother in Heaven. Through consecrating ourselves to Mary, we further deepen our relationship with Jesus.

For me, personally, the act of Marian consecration was a surrender of my own life. I am someone who 'loves' control. I have always had a hard time letting things go and just trusting fully in the Lord and His will. In preparing for consecration over 33 days (using the reflections of St. Louis de Montfort), I remember feeling very nervous. Was I really able to do this? Was I actually ready to 'surrender'?

Still unsure even on the last day, I decided to take it to prayer and found an incredible sense of peace when I pictured myself laying down my life before Christ through the intercession of our Lady. And so, on May 13 two years ago, I decided to leave my life in the hands of my amazing Mama in Heaven. My life has not been the same since, in the most incredible way.

I am now a couple of weeks away from giving birth and have decided to consecrate my daughter to our Lady too, with the prayer that one day she does it herself, too. Knowing that she will be watched over the most incredible Mother makes this earthly mama feel much more at ease. It has taken away any anxieties and uncertainties in a powerful way.

I love our Lady very much. I admire St. John Paul II's devotion and it has inspired me to develop my own. To me, our Lady is the perfect woman and I aspire to develop qualities that resemble hers. Her patience, care, gentleness, trust, love, compassion, wisdom, strength, and purity compel me and make me desire holiness even more.

If you are interested in Marian Consecration, I highly recommend "33 Days to Morning Glory". You can read more about it here: https://www.thedivinemercy.org/articles/33-days-morning-glory-introduction.

I also wanted to mention that Marian Consecration is an ongoing act. You can keep doing it as a reminder of why you made the initial decision to begin with. It is the constant resistance of one's selfish desires to be transformed into the full trust of our Lord's plan.

On St. John Paul II's feast day today, let us ask the great Saint to intercede for us so that we may ourselves be able to say 'totus tuus'.

In Christ, Kasia

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