Queen of Your Realm

What does it mean to be a home maker? What does it mean to be the heart of the home? Are we women just supposed to be stuck in a cage? "You are not called to be an unpaid maid, you are invited to be the Queen of your realm." - Kimberly Hahn Wow. Can we just take a moment to read that quote again? ...Queen of your realm! That is powerful and beautiful at the same time! I'll be honest, in these first months of my marriage I really struggled to understand what it meant to be the heart of my home as a wife. I felt like I was doing more cleaning, cooking and laundry than anything that was really "the heart of the home". It felt like I was going through this same routine every week, and I struggled to see purpose and meaning behind it, except for the fact that these tasks needs to be done. Kimberly Hahn, wife of Biblical Scholar Scott Hahn, brought a whole new light to this. She spoke about how being the heart and homemaker of the house means to create a dwelling place. A place of love and comfort where your husband and kids can come home after fighting life's battles in the everyday world. Dwelling place is way more than just a "clean house", it is a home where love can regenerate every member of your family. This is your realm! What if we prayed a Hail Mary for every member of our family as we fold every item of their clothing during laundry? What if we gave praise and thanks to God for husband every time he left his socks on the floor? What if we asked for protection of our children every time we found their toys all over the floor? Don't allow the lie that you are just the maid of the house to cloud the truth of what you are truly called to be as the woman of the home. Straighten your crown and remember who's you are. You are the Daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You are the Queen and heart of your home. Walking Together, Sandra

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