Purity and Virtue

I was at the grocery store the other day, waiting in a long line to pay for my items when I looked over at the magazine rack and noticed the latest edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine. On the front cover it said something along the lines of: "8 Sex Tips that will Blow His Mind".

Seeing this left me both sad and upset. Sad because this is what women are being constantly fed, using sex as a way to cater to men, and upset because this was at the eye level of a child. How has this become 'the norm' and accepted by people?

It's no secret we live in a sex obsessed society. It's everywhere: in ads, television shows, magazines, music, movies. Sex rules. This is what we are all exposed to: women, men, and sadly, even children.

What message does this send to the young minds of today?

That virginity is shameful. That sex is a way of a man showing a woman she is desirable and a woman's worth is reduced to just that. Blatant lies from the evil one himself. And so many of us women are so starved for love, that we are left feeling like sex is the only answer.

This is why the teachings of the Theology of the Body are so incredibly vital in today's world. It affirms the beauty of sexuality, while maintaining its sacred aspects. It frames women under the lens of God and reminds them of the great gift they are. If you have not looked into the Theology of the Body, originally written by Pope St. John Paul II, I highly recommend looking into some of the books by Jason and Crystalina Evert or "The Theology of the Body" (summarized) by Christopher West.

Purity and virtue are traits that could leave anyone in awe. These are traits that sanctify us and bring us closer to God. Increasingly, less women are aware of this and so God is calling us to witness to this as a way of inspiring other women around us.

My sisters, no matter where you have been, know that you are incredibly precious. These are not empty words; this is the truth. You are a woman; the vessel Christ Himself chose to come into this world through. You are the daughter of a King and deserve to be treated as such.

And so, no matter how 'cute' a guy may be, no matter how 'romantic' or 'sweet' he may come across, always hold true to your morals and aspire towards virtue. If a man is worthy, he will respect that and be inspired by it. If he is not and pressures you to change, then he is not meant for you. And that's okay.

Know your worth and stay true to what's important to you. Do not settle for the scraps when you were worth Dying for.

With love, Kasia

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