Pro-Life: Ways You can Help


There is a group that travels around Poland, talking about abortion as a way to normalize it. Amongst other goals, they seem to want to be able to have conversations on this topic and to access abortions without shame. They celebrate with other nations, such as South Korea and Argentina, who have made it easier for their citizens to access abortions, in one way or another. If you go on their Facebook page, you will see that last month they were encouraging people to buy abortions for others as gifts or help them pay for others' abortions.

I am sharing this information so that we can remain aware of the initiatives that exist, particularly the ones that are contrary to what we believe to be right and true. We can actually learn from these initiatives. For instance, we can see that people want to have more civil conversations about abortion so we can help this healthy desire to be met by reading relevant literature so we can have grounded, truthful and loving discussions.

Prayerfully consider participating in the pro-life movement in one or more of the following ways:

- EDUCATION: Getting educated in order to be grounded in truth and to know how to relay it with love (2)

- SHARING THE MESSAGE: Sharing these resources with others

- SHARING THE MESSAGE: Respectfully engaging in hard conversations

○ Approach everyone as equals

○ Seeking to understand where others are coming from

○ Validating pain, and staying there when necessary

○ Share truth

- DONATING your time to pro-life organizations*

- DONATING financially to pro-life organizations*

- PRAY, we can always pray

*Types of organizations to keep in mind

○ Active pro-life groups

○ Active pro-life pregnancy crisis centers

○ Active post-abortive healing facilities

○ Active pro-life groups that provide to mothers

In her book, An Inconvenient Life (1), Lia Mills underlines, highlights, and bolds the need for people, within the pro-life movement, to take action so that change becomes inevitable. Let's do what we can to the fullest degree

With love,



- LIA MILLS: https://www.liamills.ca/the-book

- "STUCK" & OTHER PRO-LIFE BOOKS: https://www.endthekilling.ca/store/

- PRO-LIFE GUYS PODCAST: https://open.spotify.com/show/38NuuTfL6CpJBDi7AcuOzr

- VARIOUS RESOURCES: https://www.liveaction.org/learn/resources/

- GET ACTIVE WITH CCBR: https://www.endthekilling.ca/take-action/

*There is a plethora of pro-life groups out there! This is only a snippet of the good that is going on!*-

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