Pride is the root

If pride could speak, what it would really say is, "My desires and my will are more important than God and His Will". It sets the foundation for all sin, as when we freely make the choice to go against God, what we are really telling Him is that what we want is more important than what His path for us is.

It is pride that tore Lucifer, the angel of light, from heaven and turned him into the 'evil one'.

It is that same pride that tore Adam and Eve away from God and left us with original sin.

It is the original sin that allows for us to stray away from God and His Will, so long as we choose to do that.

And it is sin, freely chosen, that makes us prideful.

Do we give in to pride in our daily life? If so, how?

Stay tuned for our post on Thursday where we will begin to cover effective ways on how to combat the sin of pride. But for now, we invite you to reflect more on how pride impacts your relationship with God.

In prayer, Kasia

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