Pregnancy and the Eucharist

As I approach my fifth month of pregnancy, my little baby is starting to grow so big. With that, my baby bump is starting to grow more and more by the day.

It gets me so excited to physically see this miracle taking place in my body but at the same time, I also know that after my pregnancy my body will never be the same. This has gotten me to ponder on a deeper level of how the Eucharist is revealed in pregnancy and motherhood.

When a mother embraces her pregnancy, she is saying ‘yes’ to a lifelong journey and commitment. With that 'yes' comes many changes, one of those changes being the woman's body.

My body instantly changed with pregnancy in the sense of not being able to eat anymore. I had very severe nausea and food aversions for the first three and a half months of my pregnancy. I could barely drive myself to work some days and couldn’t even hold down water. I was unable to cook as often and instead, was only able to eat whatever I was craving that day which was completely different from what I was used to.

This season eventually passed in my second trimester, but I will say that not once did I feel badly that I was going through all those changes and instead was constantly worried about my baby and if he/she was okay, even though my food habits and ability to hold down food were both so out of the ordinary.

My body is now physically changing quickly, and who knows what else I will experience. Mothers experience different things from nausea, weight gain, stretch marks, to different aches and pains... But somehow none of that is concerning.

As Christ said to us, "this is My Body given up for you..."(Luke 22:19), a mother says the same. This is my body given up for you, my child, and I do it with great love.

This giving-of-self extends past pregnancy, where a mother cares for her baby and puts the baby's needs first. A mother spends her time breastfeeding her baby (if she is able to), wakes up at all times of the night whenever the baby needs something, leaving a mother sleep deprived, sore and exhausted. But somehow, so many mothers I have seen in my life do this with great joy. As the child grows, a mother continues to give herself fully to the care of her family. It is the selfless laying down of her life for her child and spouse, which mirrors the beauty of Christ's laying down of His life for us, His children.

Another way pregnancy mirrors the Eucharist is through the True Presence. In the True Presence, we don't see Christ physically, but we know with certainty that He is there. In pregnancy it is the same. We don't see our child, but we know that our child is hidden yet present within us. When we receive the Eucharist, Christ also becomes truly present within us in a true and profound way. And as a side note... When a pregnant mother receives the Eucharist, some say that Christ visits the child in her womb as well. ❤️

These are just some of my quick thoughts on my journey so far that I really wanted to share. I am loving this beautiful journey but also learning a great lesson in patience as I await the birth of my first child - I just want to meet my baby so much! But just as our Lady waited for little baby Jesus for nine months, I will wait with her with great anticipation and joy.

Today my husband and I find out if we are having a boy or a girl! Please keep our little family in your prayers as we venture through this new and wonderful chapter of our lives. Prayers mean the world to us!

With love, Kasia

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