Prayer is not passive

"I feel so stuck, I don't know what to do or how to help."


"But that's just me sitting, not doing anything and just being passive. I don't want to be passive."

I cannot tell you how many times I have had this same conversation in my head. Anytime I am faced with difficult situations or even stuck with how to help my loved ones who are struggling my initial thought process is always "What can I do to help? What advice can I give? What can I do physically?"

Prayer seems to be one of my last resources at times. But why? Why do I not run to prayer as my first lifeline?

During this difficult time we are in, God has really been bringing up that question in my heart and inviting me to go deeper. Why do I not run to prayer? Because I don't trust enough.

Praying does not mean that I no longer do my part. It is not passive. Prayer means that I am entrusting my current struggle, or the struggle of a loved one, to Our Lord and allowing Him to guide my steps. If that means something I physically need to do then I will do it, but if that also means being patient and taking a step back so God can do His work...I also need to be ready to do that too.

Sometimes I just comes down to this simple reminder in our hearts: Do we believe that God is almighty and above all things, or do we not?

I invite you ladies to join me on this challenge! Start using prayer as your first choice. Before you jump in and start thinking or acting how to help in a given situations, take a short moment and say "God I offer this struggle to you, I want you to guide me and show me what I need to do now."


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