Prayer for Charity

My dearest sisters,

Sometimes it is hard to go that extra step for another person. Sometimes we may feel like it inconveniences us, or that we don't really have anything to offer or our days are so busy with our own struggles it is hard to see the struggles of others.

I want to encourage you today to take all of these things to prayer and say "Jesus, I want to encounter you in my neighbor, in my brother or sister who is suffering. Help me to see their suffering that I may serve them and you in this way."

Find time today to pray this simple but beautiful prayer for the grace of charity.

O God, for those who love you, all things work together for good. Instill in our hearts an unwavering love for you, so that the desires that spring up in us as a result of your inspiration may ever remain unchanged in spite of every temptation. Through our Lord.

O God, your sacraments and commandments remake us in your own likeness. Help us to walk in your paths and grant us through the offering of this sacrifice the gift of charity for which you taught us to hope with confidence. Through our Lord.

O Lord, may the grace of the Holy Ghost enlighten our hearts and refresh them completely with the fragrance of perfect charity. Through our Lord in the unity of the same Holy Ghost. Amen.

In Christ, Diana

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