Pray for Priest

This past week I watched one of my dearest friends take his very first steps towards his priesthood, by becoming a Deacon. It has been amazing to walk with him as he prepared for this, to see the man that he has become through this journey.

While I was watching these young men become deacons, I thought how beautiful it is that they are completely offering up themselves to God. But what is more amazing, is that they are doing it for us.

Without the priesthood, we would never be able to experience the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist. God calls these wonderful men to be His servants, to serve the Church with their whole lives.

With the Church constantly being under attack, our priesthood under attack, as the latiy, we have a great responsibility to pray for our priests.

Today, on Corpus Christi Sunday, I want to ask each and eveyone of you to offer up today's mass for our Priest, Deacons, and Seminarins. Let us pray for our Church leaders, Bishops, Cardinals and the Pope.

Let us never forget the sacrifice that they have taken for us, to be able to receive our Lord. Let us remember that we have to also take care of our priests, help them in this spiritual battle that they face here on earth.

Praying for you all.

In Christ, Diana

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