Pray for holy and wholesome friendships

I feel like we talk lots about romantic relationships, and we can sometimes forget a key component of our lives. So today, let's talk about friendships.

I remember many months ago, a bunch of my girlfriends all came together for a girl's weekend at my house up north. We spent the weekend hiking, enjoying each other's company and just being together. But one key moment that I remember distinctly was on Sunday morning, when we all gathered downstairs in my kitchen, we all look at each other and complement one another. No one said anything critical, but we only looked and saw the good in one another. For a long time this memory has stayed with me because it showed me what true friendship in womanhood can be like.

Growing up, I had a lot of toxic friendships. Ones where I felt like I was in a competition with others. Where I had to strive to be better, be skinnier to fit in with my friends, do my hair so that I would be prettier, or have crazy stories so I wouldn't look so uptight. There were so many component of myself that I felt I had to create to just fit in with my friends. I felt like I had to make myself like what they liked. Go to the parties that they wanted to go to. And I never felt like I was enough in those friendships.

But there was also a time in my life where I know I wasn't being a good friend to others. I was very selfish in my approach. I was very negative and allowed that to cloud over my friendship.

I bring up these three points for a reason. Friendships in our lives can vary based on the stage that we are in. The friendships that I have now compared to those when I was a teenager or a young adult, are very different. I have chosen now to surround myself with people who support me and push me to be better. But another big change in my life is the way that I approach my friendship and my life in general. I worked very hard to look at things positively and to see the good in life. It can be really hard to be a friend to someone who is constantly bringing you down and makes you not want to be around them.

I know building solid and wholesome friendships isn't easy. Actually, it's a really hard thing to do, especially in this day and age where it's harder to find like minded people. But it also depends on your approach to friendship as well. Today, I want you to reflect on the friends in your life. Are they healthy friendships where you are building each other up? Or are they toxic friendships? Are you possibly the problem? Is there something that you are doing, that is pushing people away?

Let us pray for holy and wholesome friendships today:

"Lord, I ask that You bless us with true friends, men and women in our lives, that will help us to be better. Allow us to be a reflection of You in this world and in our friendships. Allow us to be loving and kind. Allow us to know that we are worthy of having healthy and functional relationships.

This we pray in Your most Holy Name,


Praying for you.

In Christ,

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