Pray about it!

A wise person once told me that if I am hoping for something, to pray about it.

It's so easy to look at other people and think, "wow, they are so blessed". What we don't know is what it took to get to that point. How many prayers had been said to help them get to where they are now?

Sisters, it's so easy to compare ourselves to others and feel sad when we realize that our lives are not where we want them to be.

But in the midst of comparing, venting, and feeling sad, have you spent any time counting your own blessings? Have you prayed about it as much as you have talked about it? Have you trusted God with this?

If you have a rock on your shoulders, a pain in your heart, offer it up to the Lord today. Know that He will answer you in His perfect timing. Allow the foundation to be built on a bed of prayers.

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