Power of prayer

For today, I'd just like to share part of John Ramirez's, Ex-Satanist, testimony, who shares on the power of prayer:

"At night I would astral project and go to neighborhoods because I knew that if I could curse the neighborhood, I knew that if I could put different demons in that neighborhood I could paralyze the neighborhood from moving forward in the spirit realm cause whatever you paralyze and control in the spirit realm, you - it happens in the natural.

"But there was some neighborhoods (…) that there were these Hallelujah people [as he called them then], they were a real nuisance at the time, but they had something… the power of prayer (…) I was trying to come down to the neighborhood to saturate the region with demonic powers but [the Hallelujah people] would come around the corner and they were holding hands - holding hands is called unity in the spirit - and they would pray.

"Man, they would chase me out the neighborhood through their prayer, through their power of prayer and I would have to take off and find some weak neighborhood to mess with. You know what's amazing my sister?

"That I can bare witness to the power of prayer from the dark side and I can bare witness to the power of prayer now that I'm in Jesus."

I highly encourage ya'll to watch the rest of the video and reflect on what he shares: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HvknfiPO98

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