Power of Prayer

I don't know about you, but I tend to get super frustrated when I see someone doing something wrong or I know what the answer to their struggles are but they still refuse to do it. Just writing that out now, in full honesty...it makes me sounds quite prideful. Almost as if I have all the right answers and if they only did what I suggested then everything would be so much better! This morning I was hit with these thoughts and I really dove deep into them. Why do I get so frustrated with people that refuse to take those steps which, in my mind, would help them? Our loving Father, in His firm but gentle way asked me just one question in response to that. Have you prayed for them? As much as I wanted to leap to say YES, I sunk deep in my chair realizing that I have been all talk and no action. Believing in the power of prayer has been a struggle for me at times, and it is something I still catch myself with. We may not always see the fruits of our prayer, and that is where we most struggle to believe that they are even working. In those moments I am always brought back to times where I literally heard or saw God answered my prayers and moments when I was filled with doubt or hopelessness and I turned to Him in prayer and was filled in ways I never thought I could be! People can be frustrating, especially if those people are our loved ones. But I feel much of our frustration comes with things not following our plan or our timeline. Have you prayed for them? Anytime those feeling of frustrations come up, stop and say a Hail Mary for them. If you have a free morning say a rosary or chaplet for them. Offer time in adoration for them. Don't underestimate how powerful those acts can be! We never know how deep and how difficult their battles are, and I know battles are always easier to fight when you are not fighting them alone. Fight those battles with them...not against them. Walking Together, Sandra

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