Power in the small moments

A few weeks ago a friend took me out for a walk in a conservation area not far from me. I always enjoyed going on walks with friends in the forest and just talking about different things or enjoying the scenery. It's a great way to get away from the daily grind and worries and just embrace God's creation, even for a moment.

We stopped along the path and she crumbled some nuts into my hand. Then she told me to stretch out my hand...and wait. Within minutes I saw two little chickadee birds fly to the branches close to us. They would jump around from branch to branch at first, assessing us. Then one of them fluttered down and landed in my hand and picked out a nut.

I was soo filled with joy and excitement from this small event. The second bird seemed more cautious and didn't fly up to my hand, so the first bird would keep coming back and every so often he would thrown one nut down onto the ground and take another nut for himself. We laughed thinking that he was just being picky, but we saw that the cautious bird would fly down and grab the nut that was thrown down. It's as if the bird wanted his friend to have a share of the food too and would thrown one down for him.

Looking at this moment from an outside perspective it probably seems so small and nothing special, but it brought us both so much joy. Being able to feel this little bird's feet on my hand as he came to grab a nut was such a surreal feeling.

Sometimes the greatest joy can come from those small and simple moments, whether it's standing for hours and watching the birds, or laying on the grass and looking at the sky.

Never underestimate where you can find joy. It doesn't always come in big gestures or events. Even the smallest moments have the potential to bring the greatest joy.

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