Pompeii Novena

Some people are called to be prayer warriors. If that sounds like you, then this is definitely a novena for you!

Similarly as the Miraculous Novena that we posted yesterday, the Pompeii Novena is also a 54-day novena, which is also split into two halves: 27 days of petition and 27 days of thanksgiving. But the difference is that you say 3 rosaries a day (15 decades), focusing on the joyful, sorrowful and glorious (some people do include the luminous mysteries in their prayers as well).

Where did the novena come from?

Bartolo Longo came from a wealthy Catholic Italian family, but when he mother passed away he left the Catholic Church. Eventually he fell in with a paganic group which "ordained" him as a Satanist priest.

A few years, when he was in a really dark place, he had a vision of his deceased father begging him to "Return to God! Return to God!". Bartolo was deeply moved by this and went to seek assistance from his friend Professor Vincenzo Pepe, who brought him to a Dominican Priest, Fr. Alberto Radente, who heard his confession and brought him back to the faith.

"One evening, as he walked near chapel at Pompeii, Longo had a profound mystical experience about which he wrote later: 'As I pondered over my condition, I experienced a deep sense of despair and almost committed suicide. Then I heard an echo in my ear of the voice of Friar Alberto repeating the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary: ‘If you seek salvation, promulgate the Rosary. This is Mary's own promise.’ These words illumined my soul. I went on my knees. ‘If it is true ... I will not leave this valley until I have propagated your Rosary.' " (NC Register)

The Pompeii Rosary Novena was first prayed by Blessed Bartolo Longo in 1874 and he was miraculously cured of typhoid fever. Every day he went before the picture of the Virgin of the Rosary to pray. As time went on, his illness got much worse, and so he thought that the only thing that could truly help was to take the Picture of the Virgin from the Chapel and place it in his bedroom. Turning to Saint Catherine of Siena so that she would intercede in his favour with Our Lady, he miraculously recovered.

The Pompeii Novena was approved by Pope Leo XIII on November 29th, 1887.

For more information about the Br. Bartolo Longo: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/astagnaro/blessed-bartolo-longo-the-ex-satanist-who-was-freed-through-the-rosary

Novenas like these are super important because you are constantly bombarding heaven with your prayers and intentions. One of the greatest things you could do for someone that you love is to pray for them.

I personally have prayed this novena countless times. And it was actually through this novena that I found my way back to having a strong faith life. I was going through some deep and heavy wounds from the past, and it was through Mary's help that I was able to start the journey of healing. I will share more about my journey with Mary within the next couple week's reflections!

If you are in desperate need, have a big intention or truly struggling with addiction, I recommend this novena. It will take a lot of discipline and dedication over the course of 54-days but the fruits of it are truly endless and transforming to one's soul.

To say the Pompeii novena: https://www.theholyrosary.org/rosarynovena

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