Philosophy, Art and Faith

"I ran into this painting at the Mystical Landscapes exhibit at the AGO. I was immediately struck—to me, it looked not only like a landscape, but also like the Eucharist, and, more exactly, like the Sun—[Son]—of Righteousness from Malachi 4:6. It was a thrilling, happy moment to behold such beauty. I found later that the painting is called The Sun by Edvard Munch, and there is reason to believe that he was inspired by some of Nietzsche’s philosophy.

The next semester, I had the chance to take a seminar to study Nietzsche, whose ubermensch sounds suspiciously like Jesus if the measure of greatness is removed from the arbitrary self-actualization of a human and placed at the definition of reality and most self-actualized person of all time, Jesus Christ.

I love this painting because it is a tangible representation of my enduring fascination with the absolute unity in the world and the overlap between philosophy and art and our faith. Every field of human inquiry and every human passion is made somehow more real and deep when approached in light of right faith."

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