Overwhelming joy

I just celebrated my 29th birthday a few days ago, and on this day I received the most incredible gift of my life. My mom called our priest friend and asked him if there would be a chance for me to be able to go to confession and to receive Jesus in the the Holy Eucharist.

When she told me about this, I couldn't believe it. But it didn't register completely in my head what this would mean.

I arrived at the church, and I was able to spend a few minutes preparing for the Sacrament of Confession and to receive Christ. After my confession, the priest ask me to come to the steps of the altar. As I knelt there and preparing my soul for the Lord, an overwhelming joy spread through my heart. I looked up at the Eucharistic Host, and it was like coming home. It was an unbelievable experience of feeling like someone wrapped you completely in this huge embrace of love. Everything within me burst, and I couldn't stop crying.

After three long months of not being able to receive our Lord Jesus, there had been such a longing and an ache. My whole heart felt like it was overcome with joy in His presence and to be able to be with Him in that moment.

I hope and pray, that when we return to our Churches that this ache never dies within each and everyone of us. That we always burn with love of God and long to receive Him as often as we can.

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