Our true identity

Who's voice are you listening too?

I do this one activity with the grade 7's where they are given a task to do and our retreat team goes around to talk with them while playing different roles. One of us is nice and helpful, another confusing, and another just down right mean.

What always amazes me, when we watch the response of the kids, is when they tell us who's comments they remember most. Almost ALL of them will remember the mean and confusing comments, but only a small percentage will remember the nice and helpful comments.

Is this not the same in our own lives?

How much easier is it to remember a mean comment someone said to us than a positive complement? How much easier is it to remember our own negative criticisms compared to being able to say something positive about ourselves?

Satan will try to drown us with comments that are meant to take our focus away from our true identity as daughters of God. He will use every lie up his sleeve.

He will call us out by our sins, define us by them...but always remember that God calls us by NAME! He calls us by who we truly are and the people we were created to be - his precious daughters.

Walking Together, Sandra

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