Our Resolutions

Day 2 of this New Year! Many people are probably diving straight into their New Year's resolutions with all this drive and motivation that this year will be different. I was reflecting yesterday about what resolutions I would want to do, and of course the first things that would come to my head were: - find a regular workout routine - healthier eating - work on being more organized with my cleaning at home Probably very common ones that maybe some of you thought of as well. For some reason, I felt I was missing the big picture and these resolutions felt empty. Back in my youth team meetings, every month each person would decide on something called a Rule of Life. It would be a resolution we wanted to take on for the next month in order to instill a new habit in our lives. We encouraged everyone to think about it in terms or three categories: something that disciplines, nourishes or frees you. Why not take those same categories for our resolutions for this whole new year? My dear ladies, I encourage you to take a moment to sit down with your resolutions or reflect on what you would like to do as a resolution and think about it in terms of three categories. Decide on something that disciplines you, something that nourishes your body and soul, and something that frees you. Finally, offer them to Our Lord in prayer...as you give Him your YES once again to transform your life this year! Walking Together Sandra

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