Our knowing of God is sometimes most evident in the most trying of times.

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Getting to know someone requires spending time with that person. Sure you can obtain some information about them over social media posts, sending memes, reading comments, and such, but there is nothing like actually spending face time with that person, and allowing them to share themselves with you. What is beautiful is that you will always be getting to know them. I have come to discover that a huge part of intimacy is simply allowing the other person to come exactly as they are and approaching them with a gentle curiosity. It seems to me that, abiding with another is perhaps the whole essence of being in a relationship with them.

So what does it mean to be in a relationship with God? It is undeniable that the nature of our relationship with God is widely different than what can ever be found in our earthly ones. However, the concept of getting to know who we are in a relationship with, without ever reaching a cap of having discovered all there is to discover, remains true across the board. Our knowing of God is sometimes most evident in the most trying of times. For instance, when things around me are falling apart am I able to find comfort in His word? In those moments is He relevant to me at all? Am I seeking to control or seeking to surrender and find peace in His promises? Do I actually find this?

When I allow myself to sink into Who God says He is, through abiding in His Word, my body, heart, and mind slowly calm down. I believe that this is because I am giving God the space to be for me, Who He desires to be for me. I can't do this, without His Word though.

The next time you open your devotional or your bible, think of it as your only solution and just. sink. in. Allow His word to not just help, but to save. This is not to say that you won't have other things that are crucial to do for your wellbeing, but allow Him to have the biggest spot. If reading the bible is difficult for you, or you have no idea what part of it to go to in trying moments, don't let this be a dead end.

Sometimes devotionals are really helpful because they are accompanied by a reflection and are often shorter, easier-to-digest portions of the bible. If you can find a devotional that is particular to your struggle, that could be of even greater assistance to you. This week's #Spotlight series was on a Bible in a Year series so perhaps this would be the route for you. Find something that allows you to soak in all of the peace that is His Word.

Let's do this

Love that you are here,


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