Our Heavenly Mother

My dearest ladies!

I was listening to a podcast called "Abiding Together" and the ladies talked about the gift of motherhood. One of the hosts is Sr. Miriam and she was talking about how she had a really hard time connecting with Our Lady. A lot of it came from a broken relationship she had with her mom.

She said something really powerful that made me stop and think. There came a point where she just could not do it anymore and she knelt at the statue of Mary and said that she doesn't want to just know Mary from a book, she desires to know Mary as a PERSON!

Her prayer became, "Mary, please reveal yourself to me so that I may know you as a person."

How is your relationship with our Holy Mother? Do you desire to know her? Or do you just know of her?

There is a difference between knowing things about someone and actually knowing someone. I can study a random person's profile and know everything about them...but can I say that I truly know them as a person? No, because I have never spent time with them and allowed them to reveal themselves to me.

We come to know our closest friends through spending time with them. Through that, we allow them to reveal the depths of who they are as a person to us. This is how we grow in that relationship.

The same applies to our relationship with our Blessed Mother. For some of us, this may be difficult because we carry wounds from broken relationships with our own mothers. Sometimes, I found that striving to deepen our relationship with our Heavenly Mother actually ends up healing those broken parts of our life.

Desire to know Mary. Allow her to reveal herself to you. This month, being the month dedicated to Mary, is the perfect opportunity for this!

Walking Together, Sandra

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