Our Guardian Angels are not delicate, gentle creatures...they are WARRIORS!

On Monday my husband and I started our morning with quite the surprise. Shortly after we had breakfast and were sitting down to start work, the fire alarm when off. At first we thought it was just another false alarm or they were testing the system again. I looked out our window to just double check that everything was ok from the outside. The firetrucks came but I also saw a gentleman calling them over and pointing somewhere in our direction in the building.

This was no false alarm!

We quickly got dressed and got out of our building. As we got to the parking lot you could see black smoke coming from one of the units not far from ours. But this wasn't even the craziest part. Minutes after we made it through the side exit the window from that unit shattered because of the fire and debris was falling down right where we just exited.

Praise God no one was hurt and everything was ok, but moments like these really remind me of how much my Guardian Angel always watches over me.

I've had a few intense moments like these, one being bad car accident I was in 2 years ago, where all it took was a few minutes or a few inches and the results would have been much worse.

I sometimes laugh with my husband that I have a Navy Seal as a Guardian Angel, but the truth is...we all do!

Our Guardian Angels are not delicate, gentle creatures...they are WARRIORS! They were given to us by God to watch over us and protect us.

Join me every morning, and start your day by inviting your Guardian Angel to journey with you through was will come that day. Warriors are meant to fight...not sit on the sidelines. Don't let your Guardian Angel be benched...bring them into the battlefield with you!

Walking together,


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