Our Femininity


"To me, being a godly woman means that I am expressing, through my gift of femininity, my love, knowledge and service of God. I feel extremely blessed that God has given me so much and that I can give back to Him. I feel motivated to use it, in a very intellectual way, to plan things, to lead things, and prepare things all for His glory. I enjoy doing that. I feel like it is part of my femininity; to serve God with everything that He has given me and to give it back to Him in all that I do.

There are days that I will rock my high heels to youth ministry and allow my femininity to be a part of my story. It’s a story that no one can argue with or ridicule you for, because it is yours. If a conversation starts with, “I love the glasses you have on”, or, “I love your shoes”; all of these are a possible encounter, a way to start talking and a way to be an evangelization tool.

One thing that us women need to know about our worth and who we are in God’s eyes, is that, we have a radiance and a glow in the spirit, and we must be confident in this. Of course, every women’s journey will be unique in finding that inner strength to find confidence. But then we have to put that confidence into practice, when we finally find it, we must embrace it and be radiant and glow. Do not hide it, whatever you have, do not hide it. You truly never know if someone will need that flicker of light, in that moment there and then. If that means a smile or sparkly make up, whatever it is for you, be that glow. Our femininity it is a conversation starter. Once the conversation starts, it’s up to you how you use that encounter to bring in the Lord.

In my spiritual journal, I wrote about my desire to sparkle and to glow. A passage from the Bible touched my heart. It said: “Look to Him, that you may be radiant with joy” (Psalm 34). And to complete my joy, the Lord permitted me to find this beautiful passage, “Be a glow with the spirit and serve the Lord” (Romans 12:11). After I read these passages, I grabbed my journal and wrote, “Oh my heart, how I desire to be a glow through you and with you and in you.”

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