Our Feet Help Us Go Forward

I'm sitting on my couch and thinking about what to reflect on for today. As I let thoughts wander in my head I keep coming back to one word: feet. The washing of the feet. We do this every year on Holy Thursday where the priest will walk over and wash the feet of 12 men, symbolizing Christ washing the feet of the apostles.

Christ does this as a reminder that we are all called to serve one another, and wash each other's feet. It is a true act of humility. But for some reason I felt there was more. I know this act of service is so key, and is so needed especially in the time we are in.

I decided just to sit and write and see where the Holy Spirit leads me with this reflection.

Our feet. If we really think about it, our feet do so much work for us. When we stand the whole weight of our body goes down on our feet. Our feet allow us to move from one place to another. They carry us and move us.

I was reminded back to when I would go on the walking pilgrimage to the Martyr's Shrine in Midland, ON, every year in the summer. Monday you are very pumped and even after walking all day you still have a good amount of energy left. Wednesday was always the breaking point for many. Not only was is the longest day, but by that time you really start feeling the exhaustion. Your feet have never felt heavier and more sore.

I always remember the first thing I would do when we make it to the camp ground is take off my shoes and give my feet a good soak in a basin filled with cool water. The minute I washed me feet I felt revived and refreshed.

This reminded me of Christ's response to Peter when he asks to have his head and hands washed. Christ tells him, "One who has bathed does not need to wash, except for the feet, but is entirely clean." (John 13:10).

On Monday we reflected on the mission we are all set out to do. To GO FORTH and share that good news, those graces that we have received with others. We need our feet to help us go.

My dear ladies, on this day I want to encourage you to sit down with your families at home, take a basin and water, and wash each other's feet as a sign of what Christ did for his apostles. Wash the feet of your parents, husband, children, siblings, to renew and refresh them so that they too may be able to get up and go forth.

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