Our Blessed Mother understands

Christmas may look very different for many people this year. Not everyone may be able to see their families like they had hoped, or celebrate with friends. I have a feeling like this Christmas may be one of our hardest yet.

As I was thinking about it, I was brought back to the Nativity Story. Mary had to leave her home with Joseph, they had to travel far, and when they were not able to find a place at the inn they had to go to a stable.

Mary was a first time mother, in an unknown place, very far from her family...and alone. She couldn't celebrate this joy with her parents, or extended family or friends. It was just her and Joseph.

Yes we know later that shepherds came and the three wise men, but initially it was a Christmas in isolation, some may even say in loneliness.

I wanted to place myself in our Blessed Mother's shoes. If this were me I would definitely feel lonely and sad. But I feel our Mother saw this differently. As much as she probably missed her family, I don't think she ever felt alone. She was always so deeply receptive to God and trusting of His plan for her that the presence of Joseph and her new born baby, even the animals, was enough for her. She was never alone.

My dear ladies, I don't know what your situation looks like today and tomorrow. I don't know how deeply this pandemic has affected being able to see your family and friends. But I do know that Mary knows this feeling. She knows what it is like not to be able to celebrate this beautiful moment with family and friends.

Bring your loneliness to her. Ask her to intercede for you to her Beloved new born Son so that your hearts may be filled with that same joy that she felt on Christmas Day.

Walking Together,

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