Order from the Chaos

Happy Monday my dear sisters! This morning I was reflecting on the first reading from the book of Genesis. We all know the narrative of how God created the world, but sometimes when we listen to those same readings with a fresh mind, the Holy Spirit brings your attention to details you may have not noticed earlier.

What struck me today was in the very beginning when the universe was described as being "a formless and empty void" (Gen 1:2). It is very interesting when we look at how God created the world and in what order he creates everything because it is soo true in our own lives!

Take a quick journey with me through the days of creation! During the first 3 days God creates day and night, sea and sky, then separates waters and creates land and vegetation. Now let's look at the next 3 days (Day 4-6). God creates the sun, moon and stars, then he creates the birds of the sky and creatures of the sea, and finally he creates beasts of the land and human beings. Look at how these days connect!! First God creates form and order from the chaos, and then he fills the emptiness!!!

Today, I want you ladies to have this thought or focus: what areas today do you feel are formless that you need God to create order, and what areas are empty that you need God to fill?

Take a moment to sit with today's reading from Genesis and allow the Holy Spirit to show you those areas of chaos and emptiness.

Would love to hear your reflections as well! Feel free to share what God brings to your heart in the comments bellow! <3

We are all on the journey together!

Blessings, -Sandra

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