Only Christ

I have been thinking a lot about how often we fill our lives with things, addictions, food and even other people to fulfill ourselves. How often we are craving something to get a sense of security, love, and comfort? And when in reality what we are lacking is a relationship with Christ to fulfill those desires. I have seen this pattern in my own life, when I am stressed or emotional, I don't turn towards God. I turn towards the things that bring me comfort or that I feel secure in. But what I think so many of us fail to see in ourselves, is that none of this will fit into this 'Jesus-shaped hole' that we have within ourselves. That Jesus shaped hole can't be covered by clothes, food, people, tv or whatever else you use to 'fill' you up. Only Christ, Himself can fill what is missing in your life. Are you also using things or people to fill this hole in your life? Maybe today is a really good day to reflect on the areas of your life where you have tried to place things or people above God. Praying for you all. In Christ, Diana

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