On Things Above

My dearest sisters,

Yesterday we celebrated the birth of Christ, and what a glorious day it was. But today, the church honours the sacrifice of the first matry for Christ. It's a reminder for us that sometimes life will have so many joys but there will always be trials and sorrows.

Today as I was listening to the homily, I pondered to myself the sacrifice of St. Stephen. A man who we don't know if he ever met Christ, but with true love of God was willing to lay His life down for Him.

My sisters, do we lay down our lives for Christ? Do we die to ourselves for Him and turn away from sin? Do we spread the truth into this world so that every person may get to know Christ? Are we like St. Stephen and do not fear anything because of love of God?

Today, let's pray for faith and love of God like St.Stephen.

Saint Stephen, pray for us.

In Christ, Diana

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