Obedient To God

How many times do we do something for God in obedience and expect Him to reward us for it?

I know there have been many times in my life where I said, "OK God I listen to You. I am where you sent me. Or I prayed for this person. Or I have love this person like you have called me to do. Why have You not rewarded me for this?Why are things not working out? Why have all my prayers fallen short and I'm not where I want to be? Why have they not been rewarded, because I have been faithful to you, trusted You and obeyed Your call?

So many times we can feel this way where we just want God to give us what we asked for because we felt like we were being obedient to Him and listening to Him.

But God says to us, "Your obedience is your reward. The fact that you listen to Me is your reward because I’ve led you to where you’re supposed to be. I’ve led you to who you’re supposed to be. I've given you the struggles to make you stronger. I've give you opportunities to pray for someone to get your to trust me that I will take care of them too. I've let you see that you need Me in your life. Your obedience to Me has given you so many gifts and so many graces upon graces."

Your obedience is your reward

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