NEVER calls us to be passive

"So what am I supposed to do? Just act happy and watch everything fall apart around me?"

This tends to be a very common reaction among many people when their approach is challenged on how they handle stressful or difficult situations. It's very easy for us to look around us and feel stressed or angry. We literally see society falling apart in front of our very eyes, we see what it is doing to people, we see how much it hurts people. It's hard NOT to feel angry or upset.

I've been reflecting on this a lot recently and I see how much this takes away from my day or from seeing even the smallest blessings in my life because my sole focus becomes on the anger I feel in my heart.

Naturally, our initial reaction would be the question I mentioned above: Just sit and watch it all fall apart. This is where I feel we miss the mark.

In everything we do, even when we are waiting for something or discerning something, God NEVER calls us to be passive. We are never called to just sit and wait for something to fall on our lap. Even if there requires a moment of patience and waiting, we are still called to an ACTIVE waiting. This means that we don't stop, we entrust that God will provide but we continue to serve Him with our daily yes.

Feeling angry is not the problem here, it's what you do with that anger. If we get so overwhelmed with stress and emotions about what read, but choose to just sit in that anger well THAT is us being passive. But if we acknowledge how this makes us feel, but then CHOOSE to not let it steal our peace and joy, and continue serving the Lord in what we are called to in that day...I don't know about you but I feel that is more fruitful than the first option.

Choosing joy or not allowing something to steal your peace does not mean you sit and watch passively. It simply means that you do not give something else the power to take that joy and peace away from you. This brings us true freedom and allows us to be able to work towards making changes in our own lives.

As we start a new week today remember to choose joy even in the midst of difficulty. Then remember your daily yes to serving Our Lord in whatever tasks lie ahead of you.

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