My Vocation

“Before my vocation was revealed to me, I wanted to be a religious sister. I remember when I started preparing for my First Holy Communion, I had a deep love for St. Theresa of the Little Flower and because of her, I became very attracted to Carmelite spirituality. With this, I decided at a very young age that I would become a religious sister. I wanted to detach from the world. I remember reading a verse in the Bible about how we are temples of the Holy Spirit. It inspired me to focus on that and rid myself of earthly things. That is when I chose to give my mom all of my jewelry, so that I could live a simpler life.

Throughout all of elementary school, I kept thinking, “I’m going to be a cloistered nun”. I was further encouraged to think this way because I was bullied a lot, and labeled a “Jesus Freak”. During this time, I kept telling myself, “That’s okay, I will be locked up and won’t have to deal with this world and all the people who made fun of me”.

When World Youth Day 2000 came, I went to Rome with my parish. That was also the summer I got out of my back-brace, because I had been diagnoses with Scoliosis. After four years of wearing that, I got to have the freedom and flexibility of being out of the brace. I finally felt my femininity come out. At first it felt very superficial as I noticed I was finally getting attention. I did want to be a nun but my new experiences in Rome showed me that I only desired the religious life because I liked the idea of it. I slowly entered into friendship with guys and I realized that I had so much to give in those encounters. It was then, that my heart was redirected to the vocation of marriage."

#CatholicsOfToronto Part 1/4 … Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

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