My Lord and my God

These last few days I have been struggling with my anxiety. I wasn't sure what brought it on or what even really triggered this feeling in my heart. It feels like I have an urgency in my heart to do something that makes no sense. But that's what anxiety is, these thoughts and feelings that we can't control and make us feel like we are loosing it. When my anxieties hit, I know I have to lean on God.

When we forget that God is the one directing us, it's easy to feel like we are in a hurry to get our life in order or to figure it all out at once. But when we know that God is always by our side and leading us, we know that we can walk freely. Living a stress free life is hard, especially when it comes to deal with mental health. But that's when a greater reliance on God has to take place.

When I feel like I am in a moment of panic, I like to repeat something in my head to take my mind off of whatever is causing my anxiety; "My Lord and my God". I repeat this until I feel a calmness over my body.

Mental prayer is incredibly essential while dealing with mental health because we have to learn to be more in control of our thoughts which can lead us to spiral out. Prayer and mediation are so essential, and the rosary is such a beautiful prayer that allows us to focus on something other than ourselves.

Mental health is a journey. But it gets easier when you do it with God. Lean on Him, on His comfort and don't fear because He always know the way.

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