"My God is big enough!"

I've gone through too much.

I'm too damaged, there is no hope more me.

I can't be renewed, I'm too far gone already.

How many of us have said those statements, or thought them, at some point in our lives? Even without seeing your responses I feel it is safe to say that these thoughts resonate in most, if not all, of us. This feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness. As much as I want to just say it is a lie and wish that will be enough, I know that these thoughts and hurts are very real whether they are actually true or not.

The pain is real, the reality of our past is real, the wounds are real.

Reflecting on this once I could hear those thoughts back in my head again. But I also heard another voice in my heart that said, "If you truly believe this then your God isn't big enough."

At first I didn't know how to understand that. What could it mean that my God isn't big enough? My God is almighty, all powerful, all knowing. Of course He is big enough!

If we truly believe that, then shouldn't we also believe that there is nothing He can't renew? That there is nothing that is "too damaged" for Him to revive?

My dear sisters, the reality of sitting in these thoughts is we place an incorrect image on God. God either is big enough, or He is not. There is no middle ground that He is big enough to solve this problem but not that one. If we know and believe that God is almighty, that He is a loving Father, a Good Father then He IS BIG ENOUGH and we are NOT TOO DAMAGED for Him.

The devil wants us to believe that God can't help us, that we are just to far gone and there is no hope for us. The last thing he wants is for us to run to God and ask for Him to create us new again...because the devil knows what happens when we do that. We become an unstoppable force!

You are not too damaged. You are not too far gone. You are worth it and you can be made new again. GOD IS BIG ENOUGH! Each time those thoughts come clouding your mind again repeat this out loud, "My God is big enough!"

Don't be afraid to desire to be renewed. Allow that desire to come into your heart and let God take care of the rest!

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