Motherhood: Selflessness

"The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness."

When I reflect on all the beautiful women around me who are mothers, this is very apparent. From the moment you become a mother, your whole life changes.

Even though I myself am not a mother, I see it all around me. When one of my dearest friends became pregnant, she said to me "Diana, the minute I knew I was pregnant, everything changed. I watch everything that I put into my body because I know that it can help or hurt my baby."

When she said this, I thought to myself, what a beautiful example of motherhood. Here a new mother who no longer thinks of herself, but of this life growing inside her.

When I look at my own life, I see all those times when my mom was Super Mom. She would be so sick, and would still take care of us and help us in any way she could. She would make sure that we had a delicious meal on the table or a healthy lunch at school. She would always make sure that for every dance, I had a cute dress to wear and always made sure that I felt beautiful. And she made sure that every member of my family knew that they were loved. But it was more than just those moments, it was also those unseen sacrifices that make her so amazing.

Whenever I think of motherhood, I think of the Cross. Because it is such sacrificial love. Christ truly sacrificed Himself for us. He teaches every single mother how it is to love, even unto death for the sake of another.

Mary, our Mother, is the truest example of Motherhood. She stood at the foot of the Cross, accepted unselfishly everything that her son had to endure. Our Lady of Sorrows teaches every mother that love has to be sacrificial as well. She shows us that no matter how difficult this life may be, there is glory in the cross that we carry.

My dearest mothers out there. Today, I want to thank each and every one of you for your selflessness. Thank you for picking up your daily crosses, when your child is misbehaving, or you are so sick, or you haven't had a day to yourself in months. Your sacrifices for the sake of your children never go unnoticed. May the beauty that is motherhood always inspire you, fill you with joy and love as you cherish your little babies. Even if those babies are only a couple days old to well in their 50s, they will always be your babies.

Today, we are wishing all mother's a beautiful and blessed mother's day.

Praying for all of you today.

In Christ, Diana

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