Motherhood is Beautiful

Growing up, I would watch my mother pray the rosary every morning and every evening. I would join her each evening and pray with her. That is now one of my favorite childhood memories.

As I got older, I stopped praying with my mom and as I journeyed into my teenage years, I stopped praying all together.

My life spiraled out of control and I began to make some bad choices. Before I knew it, I could not recognize myself. Faith was not a priority for me and prayer seemed pointless. But nonetheless, I still saw my mom pray the rosary both morning and night.

I now credit my mother's prayers to helping me get back on track and where I am today.

Growing up, not only did I look up to my mom, but she also worked so hard to instill good morals and faith in me. It amazes me that even though life takes its course and sometimes things don't go as ideally as planned, the foundation that is laid out for us as children really forms our conscience and by God's grace, we are always able to return to it.

As I navigate towards my new role as a mother myself, I think back to what an incredible mother I had growing up and how to this day she inspires me and is always there for me.

My mom has a heart of true gold; I recall so many times where if I would cry or have my heart broken, she would cry with me and worry so much for me. She would pray for me, support me, and always try to uplift me. Whenever I was going through a hard time, she would make a beautiful gesture of love to help me feel better; even something even as simple as going to the store to get my favorite fruit, then lovingly cutting it up for me and bringing it to me, all to lift my spirits. And it meant so much.

Last Friday, my husband and I found out that we will be having a little baby girl. She will be joining us in four months and I feel incredibly excited but also nervous. I have found myself being extra mindful of the music I listen to, the way I talk to others, the words I use, the way I dress, what I eat, all with thought of my daughter. I have never felt so motivated to work through anything that could hinder me from being the best mother and role model I could be.

I wonder now, is this how my mom felt too? Is this how all moms feel? I can't help but think yes. It's almost as though a natural instinct has kicked in already. It's pretty incredible.

Motherhood is a beautiful God-given gift in which a woman is given the privilege of raising a little soul. It is one of the best gifts I could ever imagine already and am so grateful for it. I recognize, and joyfully accept, the responsibility of helping this beautiful little soul unfold and will do everything I can to guide my daughter towards heaven.

To any mothers reading this, remember how important, loved, and cherished you are in the life of your children. Know that your example of faith, kindness, and virtue does not go unnoticed and that one day, you will see the fruit of your labor unfold in the kind of adult your child becomes.

Say a Hail Mary for your mother today.

With love, Kasia

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