I made myself a hot cup of coffee this morning and sat down to write this post.

The second my bum hit the seat, my nearly 7-month old bursts into tears. It’s time for her morning nap, but she can’t sleep.

Naturally, I get up and go to see if all her needs have been met. She had just eaten half an hour ago, could she still be hungry, though? I try to feed her. Nope.

Maybe she needs her diaper changed. I check and it’s a little wet. Okay, let’s change her diaper - maybe that will help her fall asleep. But very quickly I learn that wasn’t it, either.

She continues to cry.

Normally, Olivia is very good at self soothing, so this was out of the ordinary. My mama mind starts wondering: is she sick? Is something hurting? How can I help?

Then suddenly, my little babe outstretches her arms towards me to show me she wants me to pick her up. I pick her up, and right away she snuggles in.

The crying stops. Hmm… Maybe, she just wants to be held.

And so, I put my morning chores on the back burner and sat down with my little girl, holding her close to my chest. She put her head over my heart and calmed right down. She still wasn’t falling asleep, but at least she wasn’t crying anymore.

We sat like that for a while. I wondered what she was thinking (what do babies think about?).

I took in the moment and just thought to myself, “thank you, God”.

The love I feel in my heart for Olivia makes me reflect on the love God has for us. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for her, and the love I have for her is unconditional. Nothing could ever make me not love her and when I look at her, my heart bursts with how precious she is to me.

To think that God, the Creator of this entire Universe, loves each and every single one of us in this way (and in an even greater way that we can’t even begin to comprehend), amazes me. It’s no wonder that He gave His only Son for our sake. There is nothing He wouldn’t do for us.

Watching her, and seeing just how safe, protected, and nurtured she felt in my arms made me reflect on how I feel when I bring all my troubles, worries, and sadness to God. It's a mutual exchange of love and trust that no words could ever fully describe.

Eventually, Olivia’s eyes started to grow heavy and I took that as a sign to put her back into her crib for her morning nap. By then, an hour had passed.

I sat back down, forgot what I was going to write about, and instead wrote this.

Now, time to enjoy my iced coffee.

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