Men and Women are complementary

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Happy #TOBThursday Ladies!!

It’s crazy sometimes when I look around and see how much our society has changed. We have taken upon this mentality of striving for equality, which if approached properly is not a bad thing, but we have taken it to an unhealthy extreme. We have mistaken equality for sameness. If we take just those two terms “equal” and “same” it seems like they would mean the same thing, but in fact they are different.

Take this example: We all know they typical question of what weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks? The answer is that they both weigh the same because they both weigh a pound. So both the feathers and bricks are EQUAL in weight, however they are not the SAME because a feather, in its nature, is different than a brick, despite the fact that their weight value is equal.

We can apply this same principle to how we approach men and women. Men and Women are EQUAL in their human nature, personhood and human dignity, however they are not the SAME. They have differences…biologically, psychologically, etc., that are there for a reason. We are complementary!

One really awesome difference that I wanted to focus on today is what men show vs. what women show with regards to God to the world! Men show God’s TRANSCENDENCE. This means anything that goes out of oneself, encountering the outside world, going out and working on it. If we take a look at the design of a man’s body now…a man’s reproductive organs are EXTERNAL TO HIS BODY!

Now let’s look at women. Women show God’s IMMANENCE. This means anything that is here and now, in the moment, internal, encountering the world and making it better by drawing things in. If we look at the design of a woman’s body now…a woman’s reproductive organs are INTERNAL TO HER BODY!

Psychologically we see these qualities as well, in the sense that as women we are more relational and we dive into the core, into the heart, while men have more of a “go out and fix it” nature.

These differences are quite literally stamped into our physicality…and they are GOOD! We need both in order for everything to be in balance!

Here is a thought I want to leave you with to reflect on for today! As a woman…how do I show God’s immanence? What does that look like for me? What does that mean for me? How do I show God’s love through drawing those around me closer to me and drawing them into my heart?

Love and Prayers, -Sandra

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