May we always be grateful

Have you ever heard the saying, “love is not a feeling, it’s a choice”?

What if the same is true about joy?

Every morning, the moment my nearly 8-month-old daughter sees my husband and I, her entire being lights up. Her eyes sparkle with a big smile on her face, and she begins to babble with lots of excitement. She is so little and can’t form words yet, but my husband and I almost feel like she is telling us just how happy she is to see us and how excited she is about the day ahead. It melts our hearts and has made us look forward to each morning in a way we never had before.

Her childlike simplicity has made me ponder on how I approach these simple joys. Do they transform my morning and entire being?

Before having my daughter, I can’t say they did. Truthfully, it’s easy to take the small things for granted.

But if you take a couple of moments and truly reflect on the small blessings in our lives, we will quickly find that they are in actuality big blessings; blessings, that if we woke up tomorrow without them, our lives would not be the same.

When we begin to appreciate and thank the Lord for all He has gifted us with instead of always asking Him for things, our lives start looking very different. It is our choices, like creating a climate of authentic gratitude, that can further bring Christ into our hearts and allow us to experience a true sense of joy.

So this morning, I invite you all to take a minute or two to meditate on the small blessings God has given you — like having your loved ones near, having food to eat for breakfast, that warm cup of coffee, or simply the grace of waking up to see another day — and say, “thank You, Lord.”

There are people in this world who are praying for the blessings you already have. Let’s not take them for granted for in a split second everything can change. May we always be grateful.

Today, and each day, I choose Joy.

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