May our words today being life to others

Our words have power. They have the power to bring life and bear fruit, but they also have the power to destroy and bring death.

Sometimes there are situations when we feel we need to speak out and say something but may not know how. It's a balance we need to learn how to find between knowing what to say and when.

One way we can do this is by asking ourselves this question: "Are my words TRUE, GOOD, NECESSARY and will they BRING GOOD FRUIT to the relationship?"

Many times when we think about our responses to certain statements or our words towards others in this perspective, we end up realizing that what we wanted to say may cause more damage than good.

Yes there are times when our words are needed, and there are times when they might not be. When we are aware and mindful of the power that our words can have it allows us to use them with charity to bring about fruits in our relationships with others.

May our words today bring life to others.

Walking Together,

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