Marriage is Sacrifical Love

"After 13 years of marriage, I can tell you that marriage is never 50/50, it’s 100/100. That is something that I have learned throughout my experience.

Marriage is all about sacrificial love. If we think about what love is, we know that it is not an emotion or a feeling. Emotions come and go, but love is stronger than that. Love is a choice and an act of the will. We choose our beloved over our selves. For some of us, sacrificial love takes time to learn and for some it will be natural. Once someone hears it, this is the best news and you don’t want anything less or even an imitation of it, you want the real thing, you want the sacrificial love.

Marriage is my vocational call; it is a call to life and to be true to my identity. I once heard a priest speak about our vocation in terms of identity; it made me realize that my vocation is to be married, but motherhood and youth ministry are the fruits of my identity. My identity is the life-long commitment that I made to be a wife. I have not made a life-long sacramental commitment to youth ministry, or even motherhood. When we put vocation in that perspective, we can see everything else can come and go. You might lose your job and your kids will inevitably grow up, but marriage is a Sacrament. It’s where you encounter Christ for real, and where you live out the fullness of your vocation.

In marriage, I receive so many graces and through that I am able to serve others. These graces help me be a better mom. These graces also further extend, teaching me a lot through trial and error in both my marriage and journey as a mother, which helps me grow in many ways and helps spread these graces and learnings further into what I do."

#CatholicsOfToronto Part 3/4 of Monika's Story.

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